Quarterly Outlooks

January & Q1 Outlooks, 2014 US Treasury yields are vulnerable to further backup in Q1, having ended their 6-year downtrend and with Quarterly trend strongly bearish. Existing US Dollar trends are expected to extend into Q1, with AUDUSD potentially accelerating its decline.

Global Market Research provides technical research, price forecasting and trade strategies to select Global Macro hedge funds and institutional investors.

FX/SB Technicals focuses on the G-8 currencies, US rates and the S&P500 Index, with actionable Trade Strategy in each market.
GMR Weekly Notes utilizes the same technical methodology to identify asymmetric opportunities in alternative markets: currency crosses; Emerging markets; commodities; yield spreads; (EU)sovereign bonds; world equity indices.

Performance records for Trade Strategies are available upon request.

GMR research is distributed on a subscription basis. New client inquiries should be directed to info@globalmarketresearch.com.

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